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Intrinsically Safe IoT Modules

Simply plugging in a gas sensor or anemometer is not feasible in a hazardous area or large cityscape. Power outlets do not exist in hazardous locations because of the risk of spark in combustible atmospheres; therefore, only devices with the right certifications can be used. 

IoT Modules include an endpoint, battery, radio, and customized combinations of 46 different sensor nodes, attaching up to 32 nodes on each module. This "plug-and-play" design allows organizations to choose which conditions they want to monitor and easily reconfigure the modules to meet their needs. Data collected by the smart modules can be accessed in real time in hazardous locations by aegex10 Intrinsically Safe Tablets so personnel can immediately analyze and act on it.

To capture as much information as possible at any given location, the IoT Solution is built on these concept:


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NexVu Development Kit

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NexVu IoT Sensor Modules

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